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How to start with app.causal-loops.com?

This app is very easy to use. It is online and FREE forever.  You do not have to login, no paid extra plans, no installation. Just start app.causal-loops.com and begin. To learn all about making Causal Loop Diagrams with this app please take a few minutes to read how to use.

Don’t forget to save on time! [ File, Save ]

Start making CLD

Shortcut: N 
Draw a circle to create a variable
Draw a line from A to B to make an arrow
same - oppositePick the right one

Shortcut: T
Texts = Same
o = Opposite
R = Reinforcing
B = Stabilizing (Balans)
= or || = after some time

Shortcut: V
Move elements
Also to move the entire canvas

Shortcut: E
EraseClick on an element to delete it
Zoom in or out
Click in the center to select the arrow
Play this CLD
Move pointer to variable, then

Press an arrow
Pay attention:
upwards = more
down = less
Stops the process
Reset to start over
Slower or faster
Choose your own language
Text in the variables will not change
File options
NewStart with a new loop
Pay attention:The current loop will be lost.
First save the current loop !
Open.loopsOpen a loop
Save.loopsKeep the loop where you want.
Don’t forget to give a clear name.
The extension .loops is added automatically
Sharecopy the link and send it e.g. by e-mail to someone else
EmbedDetermine the size and copy the html code.
For example, paste that code into a website
.GifStep 1: Download LICEcap , a free open-source tool to record GIFs (Windows)
(Mac. Linux users, try Peek )

Step 2: Record a GIF with the arrows moving.