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  On the website of The Systems Thinker you will find a very interesting article about the basics of causal loop diagrams. See: The Systems Thinker – Causal Loop Construction: The Basics – The Systems Thinker The article is written by COLLEEN LANNON. She is using an example of TotalQuality Management. First she is looking

Helpfull Introduction to Causal Loops

The Creative Learning Exchange has placed a very helpfull introduction to causal loops in Youtube.  You will find it here:

Causal loops according to Jan Jutten

In the book Natural learning – systems thinking in a learning school Jan Jutten describes causal loops as ‘language of systems thinking’: One of the hallmarks of systems thinking is a different look at cause-effect relationships. The language we are used to speak is linear: A causes B. But systems work differently: they consist of